Last night was R’s Junior Prom. He went with his friend M. I guess there was a “dance off” at the prom and according to R he “smoked” everyone else. He said he had a really great time and came home at 1:30 just like I asked him to. I’d have let him stay out […]

Addicted to Fiestaware

Addicted to Fiesta Ware

  Hi, My name is Vicki and I’m addicted to Fiestaware pottery. (Hi Vicki) Someone was talking this morning at Curves about collections and I thought, “Gee, I really don’t collect anything”.     And then I came home and made myself a cup of tea (PG Tips in case you were wondering) in one […]

Blast from the Past

Blast From the Past

I got my DH a new computer for his birthday so we’re in the process of cleaning up hard drives, wiping out hard drives and getting the new computer into our network of 3 already existing computers. So I was going through some pictures on my computer and found this one from the building of […]