Another Twister Bead Video

One thing I’ve learned over the years doing creative work for other people is that the customer/vendor is always right. ?????  Anyway some folks weren’t happy with the last Twister Bead video I made so we did it again.  Same product, different look.  Which do you prefer?  

Video: Twister Beads

I wasn’t going to add the videos I’ve been shooting to my blog.  The biggest reason is that we’ve only done three of them and both the folks behind the camera and the one in front of it (ME-most of the time) are VERY, EXTREMELY, AWKWARDLY new to the whole process… but, what the heck! I […]

10th Meet-aversary

Yesterday was the 10th anniversay of the day Warren & I met. We’ve had lots of ups and downs in that ten years. (Blended families can sure be difficult even with such great kids.) Today when I got to work these flowers were waiting for me. Even though he’s down in Atlanta he still thought […]