The Note

We have a HUGE dry erase board on the front of the fridge here at home for communication between the 6 people who come and go. This is a photo of the note I wrote on it last Thursday. Thank goodness I have older children and they can take care of themselves!

Long Day :)

I’m sitting in the van waiting for Shane to be finished with guitar lessons. I’m also relaxing and reading a new book I got at Borders the other day. So far I really like some of the projects and can’t wait to be able to try them out. It’s been kind of a long day […]

Faux Food Class

I taught a class this past week on how to make the Faux Food I have in the store window.  It was a great time!  This group of ladies were a lot of fun and even though I had to keep after them to get everything done in an hour and a half we still had time […]

My Not So Secret Love Affair – Sharpie Paint Pens

  I’m  having a long term love affair.  I’d tell you not to tell my husband but I think he already knows.  The object of my undying devotion?  Sharpies®.  Not any particular color, not just markers, or paint pens – but ALL of them!  All 24 colors of markers, the paint pens, bold, medium and fine.  I find uses […]