December is always a month of very deep thinking for me.  I think a lot about birth, life, death, beginnings and endings.  Maybe it’s the cold and snow of North East Ohio that causes me to think more deeply about things…though I have been accused of thinking too much other times of the year […]

Mint Thins

    Oh! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these cookies! So easy to make and so incredibly yummy to eat!  They taste just like a Girl Scout Thin Mint.  Shhh! Don’t tell the Girls ok?     If you are frustrated you might like this part… put some small […]

Ornament Decor

I LOVE it when I find a fabulously cheap and easy way to decorate some small corner of my home.  I found these Christmas ornaments that cost only a couple of dollars each.  They are silver, white and Oh, so SPARKLY! I loved them the moment I saw them but wasn’t sure what I’d do […]

Book Thong

Here is a super duper easy gift idea that you can make inexpensively and in bulk.  This is one of those things (if you have jewelry supplies around) that you can put together at the very last minute.      Supplies: Leather cording, or ribbon Beads End caps (the kind used for ribbon jewelry) Jump […]