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Fabulous Friday – Mother’s Day Crafts from the Creative Goddess

I originally posted the bulk of this list a couple of weeks ago.  I thought I’d re-post it with a few newer crafts added in for your weekend crafting pleasure. :) There is still a bit more than a week until Mother’s Day. Plenty of time to give her something handmade.  If you don’t have a […]

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Thrifting Thursday – Tabletop Greenhouse

Usually I have Thursday off from my “day job” but this week I worked. I can’t let a Thursday pass without going to a thrift store, it’s become quite the habit I tell ya, so I stopped at one of my favs on the way home from work. A couple of weeks ago I had […]

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Miniatures in a Shadow Box - A Collection on the Wall

Miniatures in a Shadow Box – A Collection on the Wall

Are you getting the idea that when I start playing with a new product I craft with it until I run low on ideas? Problem is… there is never an end of ideas. Whatever it is I’m exploring will go away for a while but it almost always comes back. :)  And I can’t help myself… I love […]

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Late Breaking News!

Dee da dee da dee dot dot (the sound of the news machines in an old televison news special announcement) (enter the voice of a very trustworthy news anchor) “This just in”… Vicki O’Dell, your favorite Creative Goddess is officially a Craft Designer for FaveCrafts!! The announcement was made this afternoon to an email inbox located […]

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Recipe, Light and Easy Pie

Light and Easy Pie

  One of my favorite low calorie desserts.  Perfect for a Mom on Mother’s Day who is watching what she eats.  Made with Sugar Free Jell-O it only has 4 Weight Watchers Points!   Light and Easy Pie 2/3 cup boiling water 1 pkg.  (4-serving size) JELL-O Strawberry Flavor Sugar Free Gelatin ice cubes 1/2 cup  […]

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Chalkboard Photo Frame for Mother’s Day

  One thing about it, when someone puts a stack of MDF memory frames (photo frames) on my desks and says, “See what you can come up with”, I’ll come keep going until I’m out of frames! Here are two chalkboard photo frames perfect for Mother’s Day gift giving… because I haven’t met a mother […]

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Decorate MDF Frames with Scrapbooking Supplies

  I’ve been crafting quite a lot with these MDF Memory frames.  They are great because they are flat and have a lot of surface area that can be decorated in a variety of ways.  In fact, I’m going to be on TV on April 25th at 11:30 am on a local show called “Golden Opportunities”. I wrote […]

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Soap Rose Petals for Party Favors, Mother’s Day, Girl Friends

  I like the idea of giving some of these Soap Petals to my girlfriends for a little Mother’s Day treat and it would be fun to put them in the powder room if you work in a smallish office too.  They would also make a fun reception favor or be placed in the powder room […]

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