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Using a Vinyl Words Image as a Resist on a T-Shirt

  I told you in an earlier post about Vinyl Words and then I made a canvas using Vinyl Words as a Resist on Canvas. I got to thinking about the word “resist” and other ways resists are used in crafting. Which lead to me thinking “I wonder if I could use it as a […]

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Photo Sunday - Cherry Blossom Festival in Barberton, OH

Photo Sunday – Cherry Blossom Festival in Barberton, Ohio

Ahhh what a lazy Sunday morning. I’m lovin’ it! Just lounging around (my husband even made breakfast for me) and recharging my batteries. *sigh of contentment* But, as usual, I have a TON to do. Not the least of which is THE MOST DREADED MOM CHORE … grocery shopping.  Not sure why I dislike it so much […]

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Fancy That! - Decorative Packing Tape

Fancy That! – Decorative Packing Tape

  Who knew that there was such a thing as decorative packing tape? This is not necessarily a product review blog so I’m not going to list the pros and cons here.  All I have to say is that I LOVE it when I get something new to play with. NEW TOYS MAKE ME HAPPY! :) […]

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Avacado Strawberry Salad

I made a super yummy salad for dinner tonight. So good I thought I’d share it with you. On a bed of baby spinach I placed very thin slices of red onion, avacodo, and strawberries. I sprinkled it with a bit of lite feta cheese and then drizzled balsamic vinegarette on for dressing. Warren made […]

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Krafty Blok – Glass Block Craft for Home Decor

  Ok, you aren’t going to belive this but I have yet ANOTHER craft for the Krafty Blok. It only requires a few items. Like flat backed marbles and Amazing Goop. Oh yeah, and the Krafty Blok!     I simply put a dab of Amazing Goop on the marble and then placed them on […]

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Photo Sunday – Golden Opportunities

Well,it’s not really a photo but a video. I finally got it up! Well, I finally made the time to stand by and watch my husband do what needed to be done to get it edited and uploaded to the internet.  :) The guests on the show before and after me were a heart surgeon, a […]

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Spruce Up a Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sharpie Markers

Spruce Up a Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sharpie Paint Pens

  Stainless steel water bottles are becoming more and more popular as everyone goes green and chooses not to purchase plastic water bottles.  The problem is that many of them are just PLAIN, BORING. We just can’t have that here, now can we? Enter, Sharpie paint pens…     So I decorated MY stainless steel bottle with […]

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3 Party or Wedding Favors Made with Sea Shells

  Here is an easy to make and inexpensive favor for a wedding, shower or beach themed party. All you need for these little candles is; Natural Bees wax for candles, short wicks and clean sea shells.   Melt the bees wax, dip the bottom of the wick in hot wax then put in sea […]

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