Trend Spotting at The Country Living Fair

Trend Spotting at The Country Living Fair

  Banners seem to still be very popular. I saw them in many of the booths. Some for sale and some as part of the booth decoration. Ya can’t go wrong with a cute banner. I also saw variations on the typical banner.  Like this BOO piece above. It hangs like a banner but only […]

Photo Sunday – Country Living Fair

  Yesterday my blogging pal Jenny from Craft Test Dummies, my friend/cousin Kim and I went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH.  This is a photo taken by Kim of the blogging gals at the entrance to the fair. I LOVE it that I’m standing on the upside of the hill and I look taller than Jenny.  What […]

Fall Craft Show Season is Upon Us

Yankee Peddler - Fall Craft Shows

Fall Craft Shows are coming up in the area. I thought I’d mention a few things going on this weekend that you might like to know about.   First up is Volcano Days at Mountwood Park just outside of Parkersburg, WV. I went to this show 7 or 8 years ago. It’s small but a […]

Paper Twist Wreath

Paper Twist Wreath

  Here is another one of those old craft supplies I haven’t seen used in a while. Paper twist. Remember making bows with that stuff? Took FOREVER to UNtwist it  Some people used a drill to untwist it and I used to put it in a sink full of water to let it relax and untwist […]

Plastic Canvas Wall Art – Or The Creative Goddess Gets the Last Laugh

Plastic Canvas Wall Art

I have a friend, a great, wonderful, talented and crafty friend, who when I said, “I’m teaching myself to craft with plastic canvas.” said… “Pooh, I’ll be impressed if you can make plastic canvas look good.” Then I sent her a picture from my phone… To which she said, “Girl, you’ve got mad skills!” Hahahaha! (That’s me, […]