Thrifting Thursday – My Haul

Thrifting Thursday - My Haul - Textiles

    Last Thursday I posted some items on my Facebook Page of items I saw while out thrifting but didn’t buy. Here are a couple of things I DID buy. Aren’t these elephants great? They are made of wood and hand painted. The one on the left had broken at some point and someone […]

Thrifting Thursdays are BACK!

Thrifting Thursdays are BACK!

  When we last saw our plucky, thrifting, Creative Goddess she had brought home this pile of great loot. But then she got side tracked by a most fabulous blog hop (that took over her Thursdays) AND THEN her world was taken over by BED BUGS! UGH! She just couldn’t bring herself to go into a thrift store […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

I don’t have very many vintage images in my stash but this is one of my favorites. I love the two little birds and how the blue one is pretending to be indifferent to the brown one.  I also love how it’s all snowy inside the heart but outside the heart Spring flowers are blooming. […]

Photo Sunday- Happy Birthday!

Photo from Summer of ’09 Dorney Park Happy Birthday to the man who ALWAYS has my back (even when I’m wrong), wipes away my tears and makes me roll my eyes with his corny jokes…my best friend, fabulous (step) father and all around amazing human being.

A Reader’s Photos

  A couple of weeks ago I posted this Heart Art project and afterwards I got the nicest email from Ellie who calls herself a “non-crafter”. But she liked the hearts so much that she decided to give them a try…   I love the look of this with the vintage Valentines. Don’t you?   And […]