9 Beach Themed Craft Projects

9 Beach Themed Craft Projects



Have I told you my theory about my dad?

You see, I’ve often suspected that he was from a long line of Irish wanderers – gypsies. We moved every two years when I was a kid. I loved it AND hated it at the same time. I have some of that same wanderer blood running through my veins and this summer my desire to travel has been cranked up a notch or two.

But things being as they are with tight budgets and time there is no vacation in the plans at the moment.

So I’m traveling via crafts. The next best thing to actually going somewhere.

Let’s see what we can find on my blog and the blogs of some of my crafty friends, shall we?




Driftwood Star from MCH Photography




Toddler Tote Tutorial from Cherished Bliss


Beach Themed Craft Projects

3 Wedding Favors Made with Seashells from DEEP in my own archives



Styrofoam Cup Sea Crabs from Crafts by Amanda



Sand Ornaments from Homemade Simple



Beach Themed Craft Projects

Saying Goodbye to Summer Necklace from this blog last summer



Beach Themed Craft Projects

Shell Souvenir Jars from Carolyn’s Homework


Beach Themed Craft Projects

Beach in a Bottle Keepsake from The Country Chic Cottage


Beach Themed Craft Projects

Sea Shell Ornament from One Artsy Mama





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