A Book Review, WireKnitZ and a Denim Jacket

Book Review: Crafty Chica's Guide To Artful Sewing


First things first, I have a book review up on Craft Test Dummies today that you’ll want to check out here: Book Review: Crafty Chica’s Guide To Artful Sewing.

That book review accomplished two things 1) I finally read the book (hehe) and 2) I pulled out an old denim jacket I’ve been wanting to re-work for quite a while now.


A Book Review, WireKnitZ and a Denim Jacket


See what I mean? Yuck! So ’80’s. :)


A Book Review, WireKnitZ and a Denim Jacket


And here is the beginning of my re-working. I have more to add but I think it’ll take me a little time to find all of the elements I want to add.

Do you see that bright pink patch on the lower left corner of the Buddha picture? That’s some pretty nifty stuff.


A Book Review, WireKnitZ and a Denim Jacket


I got a sample of WireKnitz recently and while I was digging for goodies to put on my jacket I came across the baby pink tight knit WireKnitZ and KNEW I had to give it a try.

It sewed just like tulle or netting. It feels like fabric so why wouldn’t it?

I was able to pin it in place and then sew it down like any other element on the jacket.

Now, I know what you are thinking… “Yeah, that’s pretty cool Vicki but how is it going to wash?”

Well, I imagine it’ll be just like using a metallic thread to embroider a design. I won’t wash the jacket often, I mean, it’s not like I cook dinner in it or anything.

PLUS my rule for handmade garments is this “If it’s handmade it needs to be hand washed” AND when I hand wash it I’ll not wring or twist the fabric. I think it’ll hold up just fine.

If you are interested here is a short supply list of the items I’ve used on the jacket so far:

  • Fabric JoAnn Fabrics- strips already sewn together – how awesome is THAT?
  • Buddha image – printed on printable fabric from my computer
  • Buttons – Buttons Galore and More
  • Small Iron Ons – Standard Issue from Michaels
  • Letter Shop Dazzlers – Iron on letters – Pat Catan’s
  • WireKnitZ


There will be more going into it I’m sure. You know me… MORE IS BETTER. :)


PS. You can purchase Crafty Chica’s Guide To Artful Sewing (if you are so inclined) here using my affiliate link. Please and Thank you! :)


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