A New Umbrella Stand with Krylon and the Silhouette Cameo

A New Umbrella Stand with Krylon and the Silhouette Cameo


I wanted to make this project earlier in April but it just kept getting bumped down on the “To Do” list. In fact, I was so crunched for time that I totally forgot to get a “before” shot.


Umbrella Stand


It originally looked like the taller (silver) one in the photo above. I bought mine at my local craft store but the image is from Great Rooms Decor (I don’t know anything about the company so I cannot recommend them). They have it listed as a french flower bucket… but it’s an umbrella stand now.


Krylon Spray Paint for Umbrella Stand


Do you remember the video I made when I caught my husband hijacking my brand new Silhouette Cameo? (You can see the video here: My Husband Hijacked My Silhouette).

This was the first time I actually got to use it since it came into the house. He’s been using it this whole time! He was nice and showed me all sorts of tips and tricks he’s learned about it. It was really helpful. (Just goes to show I might have to let him have access to more of my craft supplies!)


  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Vinyl
  • Umbrella Image (mine is from the Silhouette store)
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Printer – White
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint- Blue Ocean Breeze, Citrus Green and Coral Isle.
  • Blue painters tape
  • Mineral spirits
  • Towel, rag or shop cloth
  • Black Sharpie Paint Pen – optional


A New Umbrella Stand with Krylon and the Silhouette Cameo


Wipe down the sides of the metal with mineral spirits and a towel, rag or shop cloth.

Set up a spray painting surface in a well ventilated area. We have set up a paint booth in our garage but you can use a piece of cardboard in your back yard.

Following the instructions on the can spray the entire outer surface with white primer and let dry about 15-20 minutes.

Spray the band near the top with citrus green and let dry. (I didn’t tape the rest of the umbrella stand off prior to painting this band.)

Tape off the band and handles very carefully with blue painters tape and burnish the edges with your finger tips to keep paint from seeping under the tape.

Spray the rest of the umbrella stand with coral isle and let dry over night to let the paint harden.


NOTE: Turning the umbrella stand upside down during this process means paint won’t get inside the umbrella stand and you won’t have to tape it off.


A New Umbrella Stand with Krylon and the Silhouette Cameo

Cut out the image you’d like to use as a stencil and cut it out with the Silhouette Cameo onto vinyl.

Using backing paper adhere the image to the umbrella stand and burnish the edges to keep paint from seeping underneath.

Tape off (I used a plastic bag over the bottom of the umbrella stand) the area that is not to be painted.

Paint the open area of the stencil with white primer, let dry 15-20 minutes and then paint with blue ocean breeze. Let dry.


A New Umbrella Stand with Krylon and the Silhouette Cameo


Carefully peel of all of the tape and vinyl.

Outline the green band and the umbrella with a black Sharpie paint pen if you choose.

I totally love the way this turned out (there were a few moments where I doubted it though) and the colors are so happy and vibrant. Just what I need to see on a cloudy, rainy day.

And now we have a place to let all of the umbrellas that come into this house dry a bit.




You know, it makes me think of the Curious George books I read when I was a kid with 70’s style illustrations. Boy, did I love to read.



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      Thank you, Laura. I still love to read but I have a hard time finding the time for it these days. I can’t tell you the last time I read a whole book.
      That doesn’t stop me from keeping a pile of them on my nightstand and reading a page every now and then though.
      Let’s hear it for retro illustrations! :)

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