Acrylic Flower Earrings

Acrylic Flower Earrings


It’s almost time for me to leave for CHA and that means that I’m scrambling to make some last  minute jewelry to wear. I have a top that I’m taking that is heavily beaded around the neckline so it doesn’t really need a necklace.

I decided that it COULD use a fabulous pair of earrings though and I’ve been dying to create with these acrylic flowers and filigree bead caps for a while now.


Acrylic Flower Earrings


To make these earrings you’ll need to stack the acrylic flower, filigree bead cap and another bead onto an eyepin.

Acrylic Flower Earrings


The trick to getting the “stamens”  and loops the same size is to mark the headpins and the jewelry pliers with a Sharpie marker. (Simply wipe the pliers with alcohol after use to remove the mark)

Acrylic Flower Earrings


As you can see, I made three stamens for each flower and they are three different lengths.

The headpins I used for the stamens have a decorative bottom and I’ve added a small red crystal to each one.  Create as simple loop at the top making sure to close it tightly.

I have a post with a video in it: A Video on How to Make Simple Loops to help with making simple loops.

Attach them to the eyepin and then thread the eyepin through the acrylic flower, filigree and larger bead.


A Video on How to Make Simple Loops


Create a wire wrapped loop at the top of the eyepin and attach earring wires.

If you want you and slight bend each of the headpins to make the stamens look more natural.

I’m seriously thinking of placing a wholesale order for a bunch of acrylic flowers. They look so much like the old lucite flowers and I just can’t resist a vintage AND flower combo.


  1. says

    How funny! I also quit dying my hair when I retired. I envy your beautiful hair color, a beautiful gray, mine is a mix of reddish brown and gray, I love it and would never color my hair again! Thanks for your post!


  2. dottie proffer says

    i love these earrings. where did you fine the materials to make them. i want to make them for myself and my nieces. they will love them also.
    i also went gray when i retired. i colored my hair for years and then finallly just before i retired i let it grow out and low and behold i found i had a lovely silver gray under all the color. i now love it .

  3. Judy says

    I love these earrings! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I want to ask where you bought the acrylic flowers and the filigree parts? Thank you so much. Judy

  4. Margie Mayhew says

    Vicki, I would like to thank you for posting on You Tube your journals about going gray. I’ve been looking at them over and over and decided to do the same. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! I went to the salon today and for the first time in 17 years, I only let my stylist cut my hair – really short. It had been 6 wks sice color and he was able to cut most of that out. I LOVE it!!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging videos.
    Margie Mayhew – Retired and living in The Villages, FL and Williamsburg, VA

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, Margie! You made my day. I’m glad you like your hair. I wish I’d had the guts to cut mine really short but I took the hard way out. LOL! I haven’t once thought about coloring it since I let it go. FREEDOM! :)

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    Hey Vicki, you might be interested in this:

    Today, I was a guest expert on creativity in a FREE webinar! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The event started on Tuesday, but any one can still join for FREE, and you can get more info and also listen to my interview for free for 24 hours here:

    Have fun at CHA! I haven’t been for a few years, miss it!

    (I tried to email this to you , in reply to your email, but it bounced and said it doesn’t think you exist! But I KNOW you do! ha!)
    Love, Meryl Ann

    • says

      Hi Meryl Ann,
      Thanks for thinking of me. I’m on my way out the door to CHA, I wonder if it will be available later?
      Hmmm. Weird about the email creativegoddess at vickiodell dot com right?
      I DO exist!! :)



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