An Empty Nest and Saturday Morning Dates

An Empty Nest Means Saturday Can Be Date DAY


Having an (almost) empty nest means that my husband and I can go on a little date any time we want. Lately we’ve both been working long hours and trying to stick to a tight budget so dates have gone by the wayside.

I’ve been missing them.

I don’t need a big, fancy dinner out but as a woman who works at home alone most of the time I relish times when I can get out and about. So we have decided to try for a Saturday morning date. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive and it doesn’t even have to be overly long. Just a chance to get out and about with my husband and do something fun together.

There was a time when Saturday mornings were full of soccer games, birthday parties and other things to cart kids to. By the time you drop one off and get home it’s almost time to get back in the car and go pick up another. In and out for most of the day.

Not now. Saturday mornings are pretty peaceful.

As long as our neighbor isn’t out banging nails into another one of his projects, that is.

Yesterday we went to Hudson on the Green Art Show. It was nice, nothing spectacular. A beautiful day, plenty of sunshine (too much sunshine for photos really) and the two of us.

We’ve become quite the art show attendees.


An Empty Nest Means Saturday Can Be Date DAY


Nothing fancy. Some time to sit in the shade and share a bit of kettle corn and discussions about pieces we loved and why. Colors, textures and wondering how it was made.

One of my very favorite booths had garden art made out of vintage plates, cups, vases and such. It was WAY too bright to take a photo but I just happened to be on Pinterest and saw this project on the Infarrantly Creative blog that is similar. Minus the vintage glassware.


An Empty Nest Means Saturday Can Be Date DAY


The great thing about THIS project is that you can create your flower any color you want and you don’t have to worry about ruining vintage glassware. BONUS!

Oh, you can get the complete instructions over on this GARDEN ART post.

I’ m looking forward to more Saturday morning dates. It’s art show season and it’s almost time for the Fall Hiking Spree. Is there anything better than a morning hike on a cool Autumn morning?




  1. Briggie-oh says

    I am worried about your left leg, Vicki! it seems to have gone astray in the pic!

    Seriously, I relate to the pleasures of a mini-date. My husband and I have had more than our fair share of financial reversals these past ten years, and to both be working (him from home instead of a 40 mile commute each way!) is a real treat.

    The past week or so, he and I have been meeting up for inexpensive lunches in the car and it really breaks up the day and the associated tensions at work.

    In the end, what really matters is the quality of our interactions with our loved ones. The years just fly by and we must learn to create and savor the ‘little moments’.

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