Artist Calendars 2014


Artist Calendars for 2014


So it looks like I will be gaining some new studio space the end of this year.  One more of our little birds is leaving the nest and I’m trying to console myself by figuring out how I want to decorate/arrange/organize this new space.  For some reason as I was cruising around the interwebs looking for studio inspiration the other day when Artist Calendars started jumping out at me.

First, was the Misfits calendar from Kecia from Lemoncholy’s Studio. I have been watching Kecia’s misfits develop over the past few months and have been enchanted by them. I love her style and energy as well as some of the text that goes along with the images! You can get a misfit calendar of your own from her Etsy Shop.

Then I stumbled upon Erin Prais-Hintz’s blog post on Treasure’s Found about the Owl Lover Calendar. The cool part about this particular calendar is that you can choose which artwork you want on your calendar and then print it out yourself.

Finally, from an artist I’ve recently found in the UK, Rima Staines at The Hermitage. I’m loving her artwork! The look, the colors, the whole vibe. The first printing of her calendar sold out but she’s ordered another printing and should have it available soon. Part of me wants to put this one on my Christmas list but I’m afraid if my family takes too long to order that it will be sold out again. You can check her Etsy shop to see when the calendar becomes available again.


Artist Calendars for 2014


I love the thought of supporting other artist’s while buying something completely useful and nice to look at. Plus I love the added bonus of fun artwork on the packaging too! I’m going to put that great button on my coat and wear it everywhere!

So as you can see, I have Kecia’s Misfit Calendar here in my studio and I’m looking forward to finding a great place to hang it in my new digs. I like the idea of buying art calendars as Christmas gifts for lots of my artsy girlfriend.

What a great way to celebrate my creative sisters while supporting other creative sisters!


Do you know of any artists who have printed calendars with their artwork? Please leave a link in the comments so I can add to this list!


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2 Responses to “Artist Calendars 2014”

  1. November 23, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

    thank you so much for ordering a calendar and enjoying it! it was my first attempt at a calendar and next year i have so many more ideas to continue on making my Misfits better! i’m glad you’ve been enjoying their progress and MOST importantly, I appreciate your support – because you are absolutely correct – artists need support and it seems like most of our support comes from fellow artists and creative souls. much love! xoxo, kecia

    • November 27, 2013 at 4:17 am #

      Kecia, I really do enjoy it & I can’t wait to hang it in my new studio. I guess that other creative’s “get it” about time, practice, learning and all of the other stuff that goes onto being an artist and making art. Maybe that is why we are more willing to support other artist’s? I think people who don’t creare don’t get it.

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