Back Yard Bird Party

Back Yard Bird Party
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It's fall again.  How do I know?  The birds were having a party in my back yard a while ago, that's how I know. Besides looking at the calendar that is.  It's quieter now but I could swear that a message went out on the bird telegraph and it said, "…meet at Vicki's house at 1:00pm…" And they did.  Hundreds of them!  I hope you can hear it.  The ones you can see flying around are a small, small portion of the birds in the back yard.  They are all congregating, meeting up in their groups and preparing to head off to the warm Southern states for the winter.  There are a few louder "thumping" sounds.  I'm sure you can imagine what THAT was landing on the gutters.  I was afraid to walk out into the yard!  Besides the fact that I was completely mesmerized by the sights and sounds. 

BTW, the really loud chirping birds are in my neighbors back yard aviary.  Her parakeets were going BANANAS!

This is a little video that I shot with my point and shoot camera. It doesn't do justice to the din and commotion that the birds were causing.  It was incredible!!

NOTE:   If you can't see the video the link to it on my Flickr page is here.

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