Bead Shop Haul – Beadtini Boutique

Bead Shop Haul - Beadtini Boutique


I love finding new local bead shops.

Actually, my middle son Ryan found this one – Beadtini Boutique.  (Yeah, raised that boy right!) He was waiting for his barber to come back from lunch and saw the sign for this shop, snapped a photo and then texted it to me. The tricky part was finding out exactly where it was located because that boy is directionally challenged.

Anyway, I had been out having lunch with a friend and decided that I NEEDED a new bead shop to visit. I put the name of the shop into my GPS and was on my way. Directionally challenged children can’t hold me back.

It was a nice bead shop and I wish I’d taken interior photos. Guess I’ll have to go back!

I thought I would share what I bought.


Bead Shop Haul - Beadtini Boutique



I didn’t realize how color coordinated my bead choices were until I took these photos.


Green Candy Jade

Lavender glass flowers

Turquoise glass flowers

Dyed Agate slice

Turquoise Candy Jade

Purple Fire Polished

Greek Spacer Beads


You’ll notice that the photo in the top right corner shows the bag with the price and name of the bead on it. I do that often when I’m buying beads so that I can more easily remember what the beads are made of and how to price a finished piece later on.




Bead Shop Haul - Beadtini Boutique


I also picked up some copper chain and this lovely leaf and twig toggle clasp.

Can I tell you how much I love the sterling silver mandala pendant? SOOOO Much.


I had a little conversation with the shop owner about bead shops and big box stores that I enjoyed. You see, while I do quite a bit of design work for the larger manufacturers who sell their goods in the big box stores I’m also a big supporter of local bead shops.

I look at it like this… big box stores are great for trying out new kinds kinds of bead techniques where you might not want to use high end beads. They are great for beads in mock up projects – kind of like muslin is used when a fashion designer is trying to come up with a new design. And big box stores are great for filler beads – when a project calls for lots of beads that aren’t the center of attention in a piece.

Local bead shops though are where I go to get higher quality beads, unusual or handmade beads. These are the beads I use in my nicer pieces and after I worked all of the kinks out of a new design.

So now you know.

How do you shop for beads? Do you prefer the big box store or the local bead shops?


  1. Abbey Wickwire says

    Hello my new friend,
    I love looking for beads in all types of stores. I am an out of the box kind a women, so therefore, I look at everything as a possibility for a new design. Got my background from Floral Design many years ago. Move on the beading, yes, with little seed beads and crystals and so on. Thumbs up for a great site. Hey, haven’t gone completely grey yet. I’m 66 and still coloring. Many thanks again, love your spirit.

    • says

      Hi Abbey,
      Yes! I love that you have a floral design background. So do I. :)
      I’m loving my gray hair. It just wouldn’t hold the color any more so I didn’t have a whole lot of choice.
      I would love to see some of your jewelry some time.


  2. Sharon Wyman-Rogers says

    I only go to the big box stores when my local bead shops (there are 3 within 45 miles of me) don’t have anything new in stock. Then, if I see something I like, I go online and see if I can find it or something similar at my favorite online stores. I am religious about not buying at big box stores except as a last resort.

  3. says

    I have no small bead shops nearby any more! So I’m stuck with the big box stores. But I rarely shop for beads because my stash is sooooooo huge! lol

    But your beads are so pretty they are calling to me…

    Can’t wait to see what you make with them!

    • says

      I love bead shows too Rebecca. I have found that I can get more for my pieces when they are made of better quality beads so that helps make up for them costing more.

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