Boho Beaded Necklace – Video Tutorial

Boho Beaded Necklace - Single Strand to Multi and Back Again



There is one thing about making an EPIC tutorial video …

It takes FOREVER to put everything together, edit, add sound, lighten up some shots and get it all uploaded where you can share it. I’ve been working on this for exactly two weeks.

Not solid, mind you. But a good many hours.


Boho Beaded Necklace - Video Tutorial


A few of the items I mention in the video WILL BE in my etsy shop very soon.

Because I figure that if I’m going to show you HOW to make something I should also show you WHERE you can buy the elements to make it.





I’ve often looked at the big strands of coordinated beads that are so popular now and wondered what everyone is making with them. I haven’t seen very many projects with them… and that one thought is all it took to get me started.


Boho Beaded Necklace - Video Tutorial

In this video I’ll show you how I make a necklace that starts out as a single strand, goes into multiple strands and then back to a single strand.

It’s MUCH easier than it sounds and it’s a SUPER way to use those big, beautiful beads.

I hope you like the video. I’m learning to do the videos, sound, lights, editing… the whole shebang, on my own. It’s quite a learning curve but lots of fun at the same time.


  1. Melanie says

    I have watched other tutorials and by far yours is one of the best. The extra time you spend with lighting, positioning the camera, and making sure your fingers don’t block what you are doing are really appreciated. This is a beautiful creation, I can’t wait to make it (and wear it)!

  2. Dixie says

    For the people concerned about using Fireline for the necklace, you might mention that there are different sizes or weights of Fireline. I would steer clear of 4 pound but 6 or 8 would prove to be plenty sturdy. I also tie off in several places just to be extra sure that my beads are going to stay put. Good video.

  3. Jeannie says

    Is Fireline the best thing to use for the multiple strands? Not my favorite thread to use, could you use beading wire or would that be too heavy? Thanks for the pretty necklace idea. What is the name of your Etsy shop while I’m at it? Thank you…

  4. Karen says

    I just finished making this necklace. Just had to let you know how pleased I am with it. Thank you for your youtube video. It was very easy to follow and very helpful in hints for other jewelry I am making.
    Thank you.


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