Busy Day

Warren asked me a week or so ago if I would help him with the service today at church.  He said he just needed me to do a reading.  Well, I looked at what I was supposed to read THIS MORNING to find out that I was supposed to read SEVERAL things.  Geez!  Luckily, it was the mid-day service which is much more laid back and relaxed or I’d have had a fit.  As it was it went well and I think I did ok.  I haven’t been to church for months and months so that was kind of weird but Oh well.

I also had Ryan’s senior picture shoot scheduled for today.  I found Karen by word of mouth.  Which, to my way of thinking, is the BEST way to find people who do things like that.  She met me at work on Friday and when I mentioned that Ryan was the outdoorsy type and would like his pictures taken with the fall leaves she scheduled it right away so they don’t disappear before we could get pictures taken.  She was very nice and the pictures in the portfolio were really good so I had high hopes.  But still, you never know how these things will go.  When I got home from church today she was already here and they had taken several pictures.  They (she and her husband Scott) also brought their lap top so I can see the pictures shortly after they are taken.  They were so very pleasant to deal with, flexible, caring and just really went above and beyond.  Nice, nice people!  I have so many wonderful pictures now that I can’t decide which ones I like the best.  Oh, and she also shot pictures of our whole family.  With Tyler leaving for the military early next year and Ryan graduating I really wanted a picture of us all together. Who knows when I’ll get to do that again. Ya know?  I absolutely HATE having my picture taken but the whole thing was kind of fun.  If you live in NE Ohio and want pictures taken (they do wedding video too) just contact me and I’ll pass the information along. 


I like this picture of Ryan in his football jersey with his car in the background.  It’s an ’85 Pontiac Fiero that he paid for and pays for himself. 


This is one of my favorite family pictures.  No one was making a goofy face!

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