CHA Trend Report for 2012 – Home Decor

Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell

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I thought I’d share the Trend Report for Home Decor that I put together for Winter CHA last week. This is the written report with a mix of photos from the written report and slides from the presentation. It’s a little “dry” for my usual posts but if you’re into Home Decor at all you might find it interesting.

At the end of the report I’ll list my team mates for the trend report with a link out to their blogs.

The Trends Panel will be putting together quarterly reports for the Craft and Hobby Association. I’ll share my Home Decor reports, as I am able, here on my blog.

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Trends Report for Home Decor 2012

by Vicki O’Dell


These trend predictions for 2012 are the result of extensive research into consumer trends that included the internet, trade publications and designer interviews.  They indicate that 2012 will be a great year for sharing design ideas and projects with anyone looking to make their homes more to their liking. We will continue to see decor that is more personal – homes will continue to look less “decorated” and magazine ready and more eclectic and lived in.


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012  by Vicki O'Dell





As the economy continues to be a major concern, many who may have hired an interior designer in the past simply do not have the funds – or if they do have the funds they may hesitate to spend.  At the same time, the availability of free design techniques and inspiration on the web, television and in print media will see more home owners wanting to decorate their homes themselves.


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012  by Vicki O'Dell



The economic situation will also cause more people to stay in their current homes as opposed to moving into larger, more expensive homes or relocating to neighboring cities or across the country. Instead, people will be staying where they are and improving their homes creating comfortable and relaxing spaces with personal decorating elements.


The green movement will be another trend that will continue to grow. As more people become more sensitive to environmental concerns they will look for ways to throw out less and re-use the items that are already in their homes.


Recycling, upcycling and making-do will be popular. The old saying of our grandparents “Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without” will take on meaning to a new generation.




A sense of history  ….. The overall desire to connect the past with the future will see people turning to older home decor styles, updating and making them more current. There is a comfort that comes from preserving history and heritage. This will also include family histories – from photos to items brought home from grandmas house – people feel the need to celebrate family heritage.


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012  by Vicki O'Dell




An easy way to decorate a home in a personal way is to display collections.

Collections bring the personality of the collector into what could otherwise be an impersonal decorating scheme.


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell




Home owners will be thinking of new ways to give their homes new personality. Our homes are a great testing ground for new techniques, looks and styles. We keep the things that work for us, and start over when something doesn’t work. We can afford to do that when we are doing the work ourselves and using our collections, family heirlooms and thrift store finds to do so. In the end, we look for what’s real and personal. People will be looking for authenticity as opposed to mass market quick fixes.


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell



Color is back in a big way. Homeowners are gravitating towards bold, bright colors. The grays and beiges of past years will still be around as neutrals which will be the base for layering on richer, bolder hues. Color experts see a renewed focus on individual expression, manifested in personal color choices such as bold reds, aquas and blues.

Combining bold colors with softer ones like ivory, brown, silver, light gray and warm whites for a pulled-together look that will be in style for years to come.


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell



Texture is also very hot for 2012. The top trending textures will be a combination of fabrics, such as layered silky fabrics with wool. The contrast is interesting to the eye and still comfortable to snuggle up to.

As far as materials go, the trend for 2012 is toward those with luxurious finishes, such as marble, wood, leather and wool. These materials are easy to slip into any room and will give the entire area a luxurious and comfortable feel. Adding some large mirrors or wallpaper with silver details to reflect more light into the room will give added interest.


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell




Foliage – traditional with ferns or funky with bold pattern flowers

  • bright colored greenery and flowers
  • botanical prints as artwork
  • upholstered pieces in green and white
  • area rugs with a modern take on plant life


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell

Global Safari:

  • hammered metals for lighting and decorative accessories
  • richly colored woven textiles for bedspreads and wall hangings
  • hints of animal prints
  • heavy textures – lamp shades, antique footstools, area rugs


Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell



Mixed Metals: Decadent gold and platinum gild the home in glamorous rich style

  • metallic fabrics – pillows and secondary upholstered pieces
  • hints of gilt on decorative accessories – silver urns, gilded bookends, sparkling lamps
  • Brass seems to be making a come back as well. Not shiny new brass but brass that has an aged look



Trends Report for Home Decor 2012 by Vicki O'Dell



The other members of the Trends Panel were:

Melony Bradley

Beth Watson

Laura Bray

Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Carol Heppner

Eileen Hull




All of the photos in this report (except 1) were purchased from a professional photo site. Please do not use.


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