Last night I worked until 6:25 and then started my class at 6:30.  Cutting it close don’t you think?  There were eight women in beading class.  We have the best time.  I’m only teaching this class because the “real” teacher is out on medical leave and she’ll be back on 10 October.  I’m going to miss teaching this group.  They are soooo much fun!  I think I’ve learned as much as I’ve taught.

Today I taught a floral design class.  It was for a group of Red Hatters.  The interesting part is that they are all deaf.  Good thing they read lips and I can a little bit too.  Somehow we are all able to communicate.  Every once in a while we get stuck and whip out a piece of paper and a pencil but that rarely happens any more.  I’ve delt with them a few times and we are getting used to one another. What a fun bunch they are!

floral class

Here are some of the ladies with their piles of flowers.  I tried to suprise them and take a picture of them working but they saw me!


Teaching Classes
And here is a picture of some of the finished arrangements.  Some of them are very nice!  The Red Hatters had fun and so did I!

I sent Warren and the boys out for dinner.  Shane called and asked if we had peas.  I’m thinking that “mishmosh” is on the menu tonight.  It’s one of those goofy family things.  It’s macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and peas all mixed up.  It was concocted when the boys were little and their dad was in the USAF.  We went through times that were pretty lean and that was a quick and cheap way to feed everyone.  The kids LOVE it.

In fact one of our family traditions is that on each persons birthday the birthday person gets to chose what we will have for the Birthday Dinner.  A few times they have chosen mishmosh.  Crazy huh?

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