Collecting: How a New Obsession Is Born

Collecting: How a New Obsession Is Born - Capodimonte


I found these two pieces while cleaning out the Poconos house. At first I didn’t like them so much and I decided to bring them home to sell on ebay but the more I looked at them the more I liked them.

They have just that certain vintage plus color factor that I lean toward. Maybe that is why I rescued them from the trash in the first place?


Collecting: How a New Obsession Is Born - Capodimonte


So I started doing some research. I figured that if I was going to keep them I might as well know as much as I could about them. Turns out that finding information about them isn’t so easy.

I even posted a photo and a question on facebook to see if anyone there had any ideas after I had spent FAR TOO MUCH TIME looking on my own. One of my readers suggested that it might be Capodimonte. So I went looking there. I found this great page about The History of Capodimonte Porcelain. Hmmm. No such mark on my piece.


Collecting: How a New Obsession Is Born - Capodimonte


Most of the images I found were of flowers like this one. (This item is for sale on etsy here.)

The problem is that the more I looked, the more I researched and the more pictures I saw the more I became obsessed with the stuff.

Not only am I thinking I will keep this pair, whether they turn out to be Capodimonte or not, but I’m pretty darn sure that if I came across more … it would have to be mine.




Collecting: How a New Obsession Is Born - Capodimonte Porcelain


Oh! What have I gotten myself  in to?!?!


P.S. Look at the photos on this page The Making of Capodimonte. Do you see the gentleman in the upper photos creating the shapes with his fingers. I can see thumb/finger prints all over the back of the leaves of my pieces. There is something EXTRA special about knowing that you have something that another HUMAN made by hand. Not a machine, but a real, live person!

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