Fabulous Friday – 3 Spring Garden Projects to Make

Welcome to FABULOUS FRIDAY! It’s a day where I share 3 of my favorite projects from the web this week and thank my top three referrers (3 fellow bloggers) for the traffic they sent my way in the past 7 days.


Fabulous Friday - Spring & Garden Projects

Basketball Planter


This week my brain is in the garden. While it’s still too early to get out and do any planting I thought I’d do some searching for some garden related crafts that I can either start on now or put on my list of things to do in the next couple of months.

What do you do with a basketball that went flat over the winter? Why, use it as a planter in the garden of course! D&G Gardens and Crafts Blog has the how to in their Recycling Sports Balls in the Garden post. Wait until you see what they did with some other balls.


Fabulous Friday - Spring & Garden Projects


And while I usually don’t mention two projects from the same site I couldn’t pass up this Chair Planter. I love the way it looks and it makes it easy to create a bright spot in your garden with an item you could easily find on the curb!


Plantable Gift Tags


And here is something you can make even if it’s a still a little too early, or too cold, to get outside. Plantable Gift Tags are a great way to share your love of gardening for all of your friends this spring – right on through Mother’s Day.



And finally, a BIG thank you to the 3 fellow bloggers who sent the most traffic my way this past week:


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