Fighting the Winter Blues


Fighting the Winter Blues


Sometimes winters here in NE Ohio can feel like they will never end. By this time of year I start to get a little moody and long for warm breezes, bird song, and sunshine.

I have a few little routines that I employ this time of year to help me deal with the last weeks of winter – I visit my local garden center so I can see and smell growing things, I start going through gardening catalogs, I do a huge clean/purge of my living space, and I redecorate (or at least re-arrange) some of my rooms.

Something new I’ve tried the past couple of years is to give my winter coat a little bit of a makeover. While I wouldn’t go out and buy a brand new coat I am perfectly willing to do a little something to make it feel “fresh”.  Last year I posted How to Make a Colorful Brooch with the Cuttlebug and I wore that brooch around until I could ditch my winter coat for a lighter jacket.


How to Make a Colorful Brooch with the Cuttlebug


This year I was given some beautiful Lion Brand Yarn at CHA and I decided that I wanted to use that to spruce up my winter coat.

There is a “catch” though… you can only find the instructions over on my friend Laura Bray’s blog.

You see, we had a little discussion about the Winter Blues and decided to swap blogs and guest post on one anothers blogs. I hope you’ll follow the link and get the HOW TO from her site.

Chase Away the Winter Blues with a Crochet Cowl

What do YOU do to fight off the winter blues??




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    Vicki! It was so fun to do this post swap with you! I love, love, love your cowl! You know I wish I could really knit and crochet. But I’m stuck with my little Knifty Knitter.
    Are you guys getting some of that blizzard that was in Colorado? Better break out that cowl!

    • says

      Crochet I can do but knitting… yeah. No. Frankly, I just don’t want to learn at this point. I have too many other things I enjoy. Maybe someday.

      No blizzard at this point. We are supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow overnight but it’s pretty warm. We’ll see.

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