Forever Gingerbread House

Forever Gingerbread House


I call this my FOREVER Gingerbread House.

You can easily pack it away and use it year after year.

I like crafts like this because 1) I can use it a few years in a row and 2) because I don’t like the idea of sticky sweet food being left out for days on end.  I’ve never had bugs in my house except a few ants and I don’t want to tempt them to return.  Ya know what I mean?


Forever Gingerbread House


Anyway, one of my favorite painting techniques when making faux food is to make my own textured paint.  Want to know what the big secret is?  Sand!  Yup, I mix my own paint colors and then add sand into the mix.  If you add just a bit of Mod Podge to the mix it makes the sand stick to the surface even better.  Just make sure that when you make a batch of textured paint that you make more than enough for the whole project.  Being able to mix the exact same color twice would be a major miracle!

This is a large paper mache house.  I mixed the paint, sand and Mod Podge until I got it the color I wanted and then with a foam brush I painted it all over the house.  Inside and out.  Let dry over night.  I went back the next day and with a natural sponge and a couple of the paint colors I used in my mix I dabbed the sponge into the paint, wiped most of it off on a paper towel and then dabbed it onto the house in various places then went on to another color.  This gave my house some variation in color.  Like a real gingerbread cookie has.




Now for the FUN part.  My icing?  Aleene’s True Snow.  I use this stuff for all kinds of projects where I need faux frosting.  I put it in a regular frosting piping bag with a tip and decorate just like I would with frosting.  It’s a bit thinner and if you try to add color it becomes thinner yet but it sets up hard as a rock and looks like the real thing.
Forever Gingerbread House
So I loaded a frosting bag with a medium sized hole tip and went to town decorating my house with snow frosting.  It also acts as the glue (just like with a real gingerbread house and royal icing) to hold the decorative elements on.



All of the candies I used are really ornaments for miniature trees.  I found a huge selection at Pat Catan’s, I cut the hanging loops off with a pair of wire cutters and used them like I would regular candy.
Forever Gingerbread House


Yes, I realize that this costs a bit more than a real food gingerbread house but you can use it more than one year.  I think it would look cool to make a small village and then decorate a Christmas tree with a candy theme and put the village under the tree or even in branches (you’d have to thin the tree out a bit).  This is also something I could take to my Mother In Law at the nursing home where she could enjoy looking at it and the facility wouldn’t have a problem having it sit out.

If you make your own Forever Gingerbread House I’d love to see pictures!  I’ll post them as a follow up to this post.




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