Halloween Crafts – Make a Bloody Candy Bowl

Halloween Crafts - Make a Bloody Candy Bowl



Here is a craft that goes with yesterdays’ Bloody Pillar Candles. (After this I’m on to a few more “cute” ideas, ok?)  This, I think, would be easy to change up and I’ll give you a few ideas at the end of the post.


Halloween Crafts - Make a Bloody Candy Bowl




First I washed a small fish bowl shaped vase inside and out.



Halloween Crafts - Make a Bloody Candy Bowl



Then I went for my trusty glue gun AGAIN! And just like with the Spooky Drippy CandlesI dripped hot glue all around the rim. (Give me a glue gun or glue pot and spray paint and I’m a wild woman!!) Let it dry or set and then go back in and add a layer on top of the first.  Do this a few times until you get the look you want.


Halloween Crafts - Make a Bloody Candy Bowl


Then I used Flat Black Design Master spray paint and painted only the bottom of the bowl.  Let the paint out as you go toward the top of the bowl.  You want it to blend into the red so that there isn’t a straight line around the bowl.



Finally, use the Carnation Design Master and paint the top of the bowl fading down into the black color.  It gives your bloody cauldron a little demsion.  That’s it!  You can use this to hold Halloween candy, a candle or even a small arrangement of flowers.

Here are some other ideas: For Christmas paint the bowl white and add Mod Podge and Diamond Dust to the drips to make it look like snow or frost.  Paint the whole thing using Design Masters’ Dark Chocolate or October Brown for a fun “Bon Bon” look or paint it the color of your room and leave the “drips” out all together to add a vase that coordinates with your decor. I’m sure YOU probably have thought of several ideas now.  Leave a comment and share your ideas.  I’d love to hear them!



Post Notes: Originally posted on my typepad blog October 2009

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