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Home Canning, Food Preservation, Hot Pepper Spears


My neighbor and I are on a home canning binge. That’s a pretty normal activity for her at the end of summer but I’ve recently gotten back into it myself. Several years of a full-time job left little time for home canning but now that I’m home more, I’m all for it.

Luckily, she’s nice enough to share some knowledge, recipes and supplies with me. PLUS it’s nice to have another adult to work with for a while. :)


Hot Peppers

Wash, core and and slice down the middle. Remove seeds & ribs.

Remember to wear gloves & possibly even eye protection when handling peppers!

Prepare the brine: 4 parts water to 1 part white vinegar.

Add 1 cup of salt per gallon of brine. (You CAN cut the salt in half if sodium consumption is an issue for you)



Home Canning, Food Preservation, Hot Pepper Spears


In each jar place; 1 clove of garlic, 1 teaspoon oregano and 1 teaspoon dill. OR as you can see here we just added a bit of the fresh herbs.


Home Canning, Food Preservation, Hot Pepper Spears


Pack the peppers into the jars with the inside of the peppers facing the inside of the jars. Having only the outsides of the peppers show makes the finished product look much nicer.

Pack the peppers tight as they will tend to shrink down once the hot brine is poured over them.


Home Canning, Food Preservation, Hot Pepper Spears


Pour the brine into the jars. Fill the jars to the first thread on the top of the jar.


Home Canning, Food Preservation, Hot Pepper Spears


Slide a table knife down into the jar and move the peppers around a bit to remove pockets of air. Add more brine as needed.

Wipe down the rim of the jar and add the two part lid. Set the jars aside and listen for the “poink” that tells you that a jar has sealed.

We didn’t can these peppers with a hot water bath. Some “experts” consider this a big NO-NO so use your own judgement.

Let peppers sit for at least 6 weeks for the best flavor.


You might want to watch this canning video from Lowe’s before getting started.


  1. Miranda says

    If you do decide to process this recipe i encourage you to use a rubber spatula to remove air bubbles rather than a butter knife. The knife scraping the jar can cause it to break when processed.

  2. says

    That is too funny I had no idea!!! I am in Wellington which is south of Oberlin do you know where that is?? I am about 45 minutes west of you out south off of St Rt 18 we live on St Rt 58 near Findlay Park. I am hoping for rain and still hoping for peppers this year after the nasty wet summer last year we had none and Now the heat and no rain we have hardly any again!! How are you doing? We’ve had rain twice this summer so far and not much then either!! How fun to realize you are so close! Thnx for all your help I will for sure stay in touch!!!! Big hugs Linda

  3. says

    Found this on Craft Magazine!! And I have A question please….as this sounds like a quick and easy way to can some peppers…..did you have any issues with NOT processing them in a hot water bath?? I would love to know as I don’t like doing that either and don’t with the pickles I do! Thnx! Please email me if you don’t mind!!! :))

    • says

      We had no problems with our peppers. I still have one jar in the pantry that is tightly sealed. Just make sure the brine is good and hot when you add it to the jar and that the jars are hot as well.
      Use your own judgement on this please.

      • says

        thnx so much for your reply Vicki!! I really appreciate it as I sent this to my sister too and we both have quite a few peppers plants that despite the insane heat and humidity here in OH we are hoping will still get a nice batch of peppers!! I will for sure give this a try and can always set them in the fridge if they don’t seal right!! have a great day!!


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