How to Make a Colorful Brooch with the Cuttlebug

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This is a super quick and easy brooch I made using a thin copper sheet, my cuttle bug, sharpie markers and diamond glaze.

First, cut out a square of copper sheeting and put it in a Cuttlebug embossing folder. Run it through a few times to make sure the impressions “take”.

Next, cut your brooch into the shape you want with an old pair of scissors and cut the same shape out of a piece of dense foam with an x-acto.  I used the foam that came with an acrylic stamp set.  Mount the copper onto the foam with E6000.


How to Make a Colorful Brooch with the Cuttlebug



Using Sharpie® permanent markers color the copper to your liking.  I left copper outline circles without color and filled in the rest using teal, yellow, orange and bright pink.

Let the Sharpie® set a bit (I went to lunch) and then come back and cover the whole thing with diamond glaze.  Go slowly to leave as few air bubbles as possible.  Any bubbles you get can be popped with a straight pin. Let set over night and add a pin back.

Viola! a new brooch. A perfect way to spice up your winter coat! :)


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