I’m a baaaad girl…

Today is my day off and I had all sorts of plans to get up early and hit my studio so I can clean and create.  Um, well, that’s not quite what happened.  I slept in until 7:30 and then visited with Warren for a bit, showered, dressed and called the insurance company about a medical claim they aren’t taking care of like they should, (gasp! really?) and then I got a text from Tyler; he forgot his belt can I bring it to him?  What, is he like 5 years old?  I should have ignored him but I’m too big of a softie. 

Anyhow, the biggest waste of my time today was my trip to the thrift store.  I can’t help it.  I’m hooked.  I go out every Thursday morning to the thrift store.  I usually spend less than $10.00 and come home with a bag of stuff.  Table cloths, lengths of fabric or some piece of clothing I think I can alter and either wear myself or sell. 

Today though, I was silly about it.  I found some valances that might work for this “over the top” idea I have for my bedroom and they were mostly the right color but not completely…just a tad too much yellow in the green.  There were four of them and I only have two windows so I could  make a pillow or two also and that would be good to bring some of the pattern and color down on the bed.  In the end though, I decided they were much too formal.  I thought that if there were some way to dress them down a bit they might work but my brain wasn’t connecting the dots this morning.  My creative gut was thinking it was a great thing but my brain wasn’t seeing the whole picture.   I left them there. 

So I head home, make one more stop and the whole time the back half of my brain is going over those valances.  Not up front in my brain where I’d be aware of the process but in the back of it.  You know, where the kitchen is and all the real work of cooking up ideas comes from?  I get back in the car after my stop (I’m not going to tell you that my stop was at Catherine’s to see what new fall stuff they have in just in case Warren is reading this) I get in the van and I have a vision of these ultra formal valances and not one but THREE ideas that I can use to dress them down a bit.  Guess what?  Yeah, I went back and got the darn things.  I’ll have to wash them up and dig through my trims and see which of the ideas I can use.  I think I can do something with them to make them look very cool and all four of them only cost $6.00.  Cheap entertainment if you don’t count the gas money!

All I can say is that I WISH I had enough time to actually work on all the ideas my brain shoots out! 

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