Jewelry Making: Frog In a Sweater Brooch

Jewelry Making: Frog In a Sweater Brooch

Sometimes I can be a little silly.

Like glittering and wrapping a child’s toy to make it into a piece of jewelry. But isn’t he so much fun?!?!

Winter has been pretty mild this year but you can always use a little something to spruce up your winter coat.  I’ll do almost anything for some COLOR these days!!

He’s pretty easy to make…I found a plastic frog, wrapped some rainbow ribbon yarn around him (the trick is to keep the ribbon yarn laying flat while you wind so it doesn’t look sloppy), secured it at each end with a little glue and let it dry.  Then I wrapped the little guy with a fine, gold wire.

Finally, I painted the plastic parts that aren’t covered in ribbon yarn with Mod Podge, covered it in glitter and let dry. The final touch was a couple of glass seed beads glued on for eyes and a pin back. Don’t you just love him?



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