Jewelry Making: Tips for Choosing a Color Palette

The Creative Goddess, Jewelry Making and Tips for Choosing a Color Palette


I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m making jewelry I have a hard time deciding on a color palette.

I wanted to make a necklace with this pendant but when I stood in front of the big wall of beads at my local Jo-Ann’s store I immediately felt overwhelmed.

Too many choices.

Too many colors. Too many materials. Too many sizes.



Jewelry Desing - choosing a color palette


I knew I wanted something sort of earthy for my goddess… earthy but not dull.

You know how I love color.

That’s when I stumbled upon the strand of beads above. It had lots of earthy colors without being boring.

There is the blue, brown, a coral and orange blend, and black.

All rather earthy without looking like putty or sand or mud.

Earthy, but still colorful.


Handmade Jewelry, choosing bead colors
So with this strand of inspiration beads in my hand I went looking for beads in colors that were in this color palette.

The turquoise blue is great and is definitely a part of the color palette in the inspiration beads.


Jewelry Making: Tips for Choosing a Color Palette



And if you look you can definitely see this coral color swirled in the inspiration beads.



How to choose bead colors for jewelry making



I then added a dark brown and a black bead to the pile.

You can see that all of the beads I’ve pulled are colors that are in my inspiration beads.



Handmade Jewelry, choosing colors



These four colors might not be colors I would normally choose but because I let the strand of inspiration beads guide me I was able to come up with a color palette that I really like.

I probably won’t use the actual strand of inspiration beads in my finished necklace because I don’t want anything too “glass” looking or too sparkly but I like the glazed ceramic and stone beads I found.

I also like the mixed of sizes and shapes. I have rounds, oblongs, cubes and flatish discs. I’ll have to do another post sharing tips for  mixing sizes and shapes some day.


Now if you find yourself facing that “GIANT wall of overwhelm” you know you can pull together a color palette for your handmade jewelry using one strand of colorful beads as inspiration for your color palette.



Jewelry Making: Tips for Choosing a Color Palette



If you would like to see a necklace I made with some of these beads just click here: A New Necklace – Combining Chains and Strung Beads.



  1. says

    If ever in Detroit, make sure you go to MBAD/ABA AFRICAN BEAD MUSEUM, aka DABLS.

    You will be floored.

    You will also find WAAAAAAAAY better beads than what is at Joann’s or ANYWHERE else in the country. It is a very famous bead store and outside art instillation. Tell him Crown sent you

  2. Lauren says

    Great ideas ladies! Another thing that I find helpful is the little sample cards that you can get (for free!) at paint stores. There are amazing colour palettes that have been put together by experts.
    Happy beading!

  3. says

    That is an awesome approach to the “giant bead wall” at JoAnn’s. I am constantly looking for unique pieces and beads to use in my mixed media works and scrapbook pages. It does get overwhelming very quickly. I will definitely use your tips and tricks the next time I’m on the hunt over there.

    • says

      Thank you, Chrissy. Sometimes I can go in and go directly for a color palette and other times I’m torn in too many directions. This technique helps when I can’t decide.

  4. says

    Hi Vicki! This tutorial is thorough and informative. I often struggle with color choices when presented with so many. While this posts is for jewelry, it can really be applied to anything….paper, paint…etc. Very helpful. Thank you!

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