Kids Crafts – An Easter Bunny Bookmark

Kids Crafts - An Easter Bunny Bookmark


I’ve got a quick to keep the kids busy this week leading up to Easter and celebrating Spring. I made these last year with a group of kids of varying ages and everyone seemed to enjoy it!


Kids Crafts - An Easter Bunny Bookmark


First I drew out a pattern that looked like this, cut it out and traced it on several sheets of stiff white craft felt. You can let the kids do the tracing onto the felt if they have time and are old enough.

Cut the book mark base from felt and set aside.


Kids Crafts - An Easter Bunny Bookmark


Assemble the bunny head from a 3 inch white, a half inch pink, 2 one inch white and two tiny black pom poms. I used Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tack to hold everything together.


Kids Crafts - An Easter Bunny Bookmark


Cut out two pieces of pink felt for the inside of the ears and glue them and the head onto the stiff, white felt. Fabri-Tac dries quickly and clear it’s my preferred glue for quick kids crafts like this. And the kids always seem to like it too. It dries quickly and can get kind of stringy. There is always at least one boy in the group that starts calling it “Booger Glue” and the whole group giggles and has fun.



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    SERIOUSLY! This is what SPRING crafts is ALL about! Fluffy, ADORABLE and so sweet, I want to EAT {something!} … Might have to break open a pack of bunny peeps! LOL! What FUN!

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