Large Flat Black Glass Marble Magnets

Large Flat Black Glass Marble


I know you’ve seen this craft.  Probably one too many times.  But I found a new trick that makes it a little quicker that I thought I’d share with you.


You’ve seen the magnets made from flat backed marble or glass?


2 inch paper punch, flat back marble,


First, you choose a marble or piece of glass and then punch or cut a circle of paper to go on the back of it. Use Paper Cement on the back of the glass and the front of the paper.  Let dry – then adhere the front of the paper to the back of the glass.

When I have seen this craft before I’ve seen it done with Mod Podge.  While I love my Mod Podge it can take quite a while to dry with thick paper, or cause thinner papers to ripple.  The Paper Cement is already dry when you put the two pieces together. So no waiting for it to dry and no ripples!


mod podge, scrapbooking paper, flat back marble


I did put Mod Podge on the BACK of the paper to seal it in but because it’s exposed to the air it dries pretty quickly.


glass marble, scrapbooking paper, mod podge


Rose scrapbook paper on the back and stickers on the front give these magnets a little dimension.


flat back marbles, mod podge, scrapbooking paper


The top magnet was made using Mod Podge in between the paper and glass.  You can see that it was still wet…and will be for a while.

With these magnets I put stickers on the paper and then adhered the paper to the glass.


amazing goop, extra strong magnets


I adhered super strong magnets to the back of the glass using two different kinds of glue.  E-6000 and Amazing Goop. Just as a comparison.


E-6000, strong magnets


The glues worked equally well.

Just remember that when using the super strong magnets to leave the pieces FAR apart while drying. Otherwise you may come back to a piece of glass with 3 or 4 magnets attached to it and and 2 or 3 empty pieces of glass.  They are THAT strong! :)

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