Make a Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Easter


Make a Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Easter


I just might have a little thing for Making Chick Feeder Candy Dishes.


I also may have a thing for Tractor Supply.

Most definitely.

Last year I turned a round chick feeder from Tractor Supply into a candy dish in this post: Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Spring.


Make a Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Easter




And then this year when I found a long chick feeder I instantly thought to turn it into a candy dish.


Or at least a candy dish holder.



Make a Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Easter


To begin the transformation from chick feeder into a tray to hold my small candy dishes I removed the swivel bar from the center and then wiped the whole thing down with mineral spirits.

Once that was dry I sprayed the inside and outside with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer in White.

Finally, after the primer was dry I sprayed on Krylon Fusion Spray Paint in a Satin.



Make a Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Easter


Now it’s time for some small candy jars.

And you know me by now and you know I couldn’t just put plain old jars into the tray.


So I started digging through supplies looking for a way to dress up my jars a little.

I was gifted some Jewelry Attitude from the people at Craft Attitude during CHA and I decided to see how well it might work on some straight sided jars.

I’ve been wanting to try the Jewelry Attitude but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out on glass jars.


Make a Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Easter



But being the adventurous sort I decided to give it a try.

So, I paid a visit to The Graphics Fairy for the images on either end in the photo above. The middle image was a scan from an old Easter card I have on hand here.

I followed the directions in the Jewelry Attitude package and all of the images turned out just like I wanted.

Honestly, except for the fact that I was a little slow figuring out if I needed to put the shiny side up or down for my particular printer it was pretty easy.

Even after I marked a big, fat, red X on a sheet of paper and printed it out I STILL put the Craft Attitude in the wrong way.

It was one of THOSE moments.

I put a little shredded paper into the tray and then added the jars.

I love that the images are rather sheer.

The image can be a little hard to see when the jar is full of candy (I’ve become quite the Starburst jelly bean junkie!!) but as the candy goes away the image shows up nicely.

Trust me, if there are Starburst jelly beans in the jars they will probably STAY empty!


Make a Chick Feeder Candy Dish for Easter


I like that I can use the chick feeder tray for lots of other uses too. I’m thinking of small canning jars to sort craft supplies or paint brushes.

Or I could put a row of small flower pots in it.

Hmmmm. What else?



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