Make a Flower Centerpiece in a “Chocolate” Vase

Make a Flower Centerpiece in a "Chocolate" Vase 

Spring, Easter and Ostara brings to mind many symbols. Bunnies, Chocolate (chocolate bunnies!) and Daffodils are right up there on the top of the list to my way of thinking. This project combines all three.

 Make a Flower Centerpiece in a "Chocolate" Vase

Here is what you’ll need. A cube vase, hot glue and Design Master spray paint in October Brown.

 Make a Flower Centerpiece in a "Chocolate" Vase

Just like with my Spooky Drippy Candle and Bloody Bowl projects you’ll drip hot glue down from the top of the vase and let it set up.

Then spray the vase and glue with October Brown. You’ll need a few coats; letting it dry in between coats.

Let dry.

 Make a Flower Centerpiece in a "Chocolate" Vase

I put marbles in a mesh bag in the bottom of the vase (I only plan to keep the daffodils in the vase a few days and then transplant them in the yard) and then “planted” the daffodils right on top.

Cover the soil with a little moss and you’re finished!

Wouldn’t this make a GREAT idea for Mother’s Day too? The perfect vase, with fresh cut flowers for a mom who LOVES her chocolate.

By the way, the paint WILL scratch off so make sure you put it in an area where it won’t get handled too much.

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