Glass Etched Honey Jar with Martha Stewart Crafts

Glass Etched Honey Jar with Martha Stewart Crafts


I’m a tea-aholic.

Daytime, nighttime, afternoon or even the middle of the night can be a good time for tea.

Of course, the middle of the night tea is usually something like chamomile to help me sleep or ginger tea with lemon and honey to sooth a cold but I love my tea.

I don’t like sugar in the lighter teas like green tea or chamomile. It’s too sweet and drowns out the flavor of the tea. So I put honey in those teas to sweeten them just a bit. The flavor of the honey works well with the flavors of lighter teas enhancing them but not over powering them.

Also, I’ve always heard that a teaspoon or two of local honey can help with seasonal allergies so I use that as a bit of extra justification even though that theory is said to not be true.


Glass Etched Honey Jar with Martha Stewart Crafts


It doesn’t matter to me. I still love my local honey.  The only thing I DON’T like is the container it comes in. It’s very tall and narrow so that when the honey gets low I always end up with a hand covered in it trying to get a teaspoon full for my tea.

I don’t like being sticky, people. It may be OK for Pooh but not for me.

So I decided to use some of the Martha Stewart Craft supplies I was sent a couple of weeks ago to create a honey jar that is more useful. I had created a Mother’s Day Window Box with the acrylic paint and screens I received but I had some glass etching cream and more screens that I hadn’t used yet.


Mother's Day Tea with a Glass Etched Honey Jar



To create the honey jar I used:

  • Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream
  • Adhesive Silk Screens

Place the screen images where you want them and then use the glass etching cream according to package instructions.


Yes, that IS all there is too it.

And now I can have a cup of tea in the middle of one of those mid-life insomnia attacks and not worry about crawling back into bed with honey on the back of my hand. Because let’s face it, THAT has happened.

Are you a tea-aholic? What are your favorite kinds and what do you sweeten your teas with?




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    I LOVE my morning cup of tea! And afternoon, and evening… I’m more of a traditionalist with my black tea and cream with a bit of stevia, but I also like herbal teas. This year I am growing chamomile, mint, chocolate mint, and cinnamon basil to try some homemade teas.

    • says

      Hi Kathy,
      Glad to meet another tea lover. I like my morning tea to be black (PG Tips) with just a little raw sugar. By about 4pm I can’t have caffeine or I will be awake all night so I have to switch to the herbals.
      Oh! I can’t wait to hear about your tea growing experience. Please be sure to let me know how it all goes for you. Maybe you could write a guest post here about your experiences and what you learned?


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    I don’t sweeten my beverages, or worry about allergies, BUT I do ADORE my local honey on toast, Vicki. We need to buy in big quantities, so we transfer into smaller jars. This is a great project to make my special treat even more wonderful. Andrea is right, etched jars would make lovely gifts… I’m thinking housewarming!

    P.S. You DO realize that the world’s problems can be solved during those 3:00 AM “mid-life insomnia attacks”, right? Especially after toast and a warm cuppa…

    • says

      Hi Monique,

      I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I just now saw this comment.
      Good for you on not sweetening. We have such a sugar addiction here in the States and I’m really struggling to lower my intake. UGH!
      Gifts of honey in a etched jar would be lovely.
      I love the idea of solving the worlds problems in the wee hours with a soothing cup of tea. It would work until I get cranky for lack of sleep. Then I would become part of the problem. haha!


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