My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes

My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes

Photo Credit - Niki Meiners


I posted about the Crafty Couture Competition at Summer CHA (CHA Summer 2011- Crafty Couture Designer Challenge) in July but I didn’t tell a whole lot about my dress so I thought I’d share some of the behind the scenes photos.


My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes


The dress fabric started out as two very long and very pink window scarves that I got from the thrift store.

My friend Patty came over a couple of afternoons and helped me drape my decrepit dress form to make the bodice and skirt. We ended up with a dark green bodice that we covered in the sheer pink fabric. I must say that I learned A LOT about draping and pinning that bodice and it felt really good to be working on a sewing project again. It had been YEARS!


My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes


The skirt is two layers of pink fabric, the bottom layer gathered more fully than the top layer to give it some “poof”.

I put slits in the outer skirt and with a butane lighter burned all of the edges. ALL. OF. THE. EDGES. It took about two afternoons to get all of that done. WHEW!

Next I used my favorite spray paint KRYLON in green, blue and purple to change up the color of the gown all together.


My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes


You can just barely see little peeks of the pink in the ruffle at the dropped waist.


My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes


I left the back of the skirt longer than the front so that it would look like someone walking.


My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes


You can kind of see in the photo the train I made that went from each shoulder down to the floor that (if my dress were on a real person) would flow behind the wearer as she walked. The bottom of the train has flowers on it like the ones on the rest of the dress.


My Crafty Couture Gown: Behind the Scenes


For the ruffled feather looking part around the neckline I purchased several stems of fall mums from my local Pat Catans. I took the flower heads off, cut them in half and then hand sewed them around the neckline one at a time.  Then I treated them to a dose of the green, purple and blue Krylon spray paint as well.

For the added flowers I took apart a bunch of silk flowers I had here in the studio, I cut a circle of felt and re-assembled the flowers one layer at a time. I filled the center with hot glue and pressed in small beads of all kinds.

Finally, I used my rhinestone setter to put the stars on. The stars are from a stash of Kandi rhinestones that I’ve had around here for ages. I arranged them in swirls to convey movement.

You can’t really see it in any of the photos here but I used a goddess stamp I had on hand and some purple Staz On ink and stamped goddesses randomly over the dress and train.

I was going for a dress that was mixed media but also looked really goddess-y. I had ideas to do more with it but to tell the truth I just ran out of time. I still had a Designers Showcase table to pull together!

I had a really great time making this dress, I enjoyed the time spent with my friend Patty and I learned a whole heck of a lot in the process.  :)




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