Feathering Your Nest for Spring

Today I had a long meeting in Canton.  I don’t get down that way very often but when I do there are a couple of places I like to stop.  (Ok, there are more than a couple but I only had time for TWO). One of them is the Pat Catan’s store.  It’s HUGE compared to the one closest to me.  I just like to browse around and see what they might have that “my” store doesn’t.  I end up finding SOMETHING that I just have to have for my current project. You know how that goes. Don’t you? 

I’ve been hearing that they acquired the store next door, opened a huge hole in the wall between the two spaces and put a home decor shop in it.   From what I heard their Christmas displays were out of this world.  Anyway, I finally got to check it out and here are some pictures of what I found. 


The entry.  It’s a Ginormous space!


Easter Displays in the next three pictures.







Isn’t this a fun chandelier?


I’d love the finials in the corner of my bedroom. I know it’s not what they are meant for but I’d like them there anyway.


I LOVE artichokes …the kind I can eat with garlic butter…mmmmm!  A few of these would look fun in the garden.  I know, I’m backwards.  Home dec OUT and outdoor things IN. That’s me in a nutshell!




Beautiful floral arrangements everywhere.  The woman who works in this department stopped for a while to visit with me.  She was very kind and we talked quite a while about crafts, home dec and the Pat Catan’s company. 



One of the other places I visit when I’m in Canton is The Blissful.  I first heard about it in “Romantic Homes” magazine.  Warren and I just happened to be heading down that way right after the magazine arrived so I insisted that we stop.  It’s one of my favorite shops now.  If nothing else, it always smells divine and the displays are a treat for the eyes .  Even on a tight budget I find something wonderful for myself and my home.   

The Blissful Home 282 

“Photo used with permission of Abby Kerr, Proprietor of THE BLISSFUL”

The Blissful Home 301 

“Photo used with permission of Abby Kerr, Proprietor of THE BLISSFUL”


Stop and see both places for yourself if you are in the area.  Relax, enjoy and soak up the beauty.  You are sure to find beautiful feathers for your nest.

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