My Not So Secret Love Affair – Sharpie Paint Pens



I’m  having a long term love affair.  I’d tell you not to tell my husband but I think he already knows.  The object of my undying devotion?  Sharpies®.  Not any particular color, not just markers, or paint pens – but ALL of them!  All 24 colors of markers, the paint pens, bold, medium and fine.  I find uses for them all and I have three small drawers full of them in my home studio (He may not know THAT part).

So what do I do with them besides label CD’s and my children’s lunches? I like the fine black marker to “cheat” when I’m rubber stamping and the image doesn’t come out just right.  Especially if it’s a saying.  A fine black Sharpie® is the difference between having Aunt Karen love her birthday card and having her call my mom because I sent her a card with something obscene on it.




I use the 24 pack of Sharpie® markers on my work calendar to separate one event from another.  Each month is mounted on foam board so it can bleed through all it wants.  When I’m finished I love looking at all of the colors!  Plus, it’s easy to see where one activity ends and another begins. With all of the different colors in the package I’ve even begun marking my calendar with a “color theme”.  Pastels for Spring, black and orange for Halloween…you get the idea. I spent a day last summer at a local day camp for at risk kids where we colored on T-Shirts with Sharpie® markers and then dripped rubbing alcohol on the colors to watch them bleed and run.  The kids heat set the T’s and they had their own personal artwork to wear.  They had a blast and so did I.

I think I love Sharpie® paint pens best of all (Don’t tell the markers!).  Paint pens write on things that nothing else will, like painted wood letters, glass ornaments and porcelain piggy banks.  Want to know a secret about painting with Sharpie® oil based paint pens on porcelain?  Turpenoid Natural takes it right off again if you make a mistake.  Kind of like a dry erase board (only smellier) because you can wipe it clean over and over again. One more thing… when I’m painting on a flower pot or paper maché box the paint pens give me more control than a brush especially when writing or making fine lines.


And if all of that weren’t enough to love Sharpies® aren’t expensive (so you can color your world on a whim) and now you can even order personalized Sharpies®! Wouldn’t that be a great gift? I’ll add some to my own wish list now that I think of it.

Anyway, if I come up missing you’ll all know I ran off with my Sharpies®… well, maybe I’ll take my husband with us.






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