CHA Winter 2013 – New ICE Resin Products

Ice Resin - Ice Enamels - Winter CHA 2013


One of my favorite products I’ve seen so far at CHA Winter 2013 is the new Iced Enamels from ICE Resin. The ICE Resin booth always inspires me but this year the new products really grabbed my attention.


If you love the look of enameled jewelry but don’t have a kiln or a torch then this stuff is gonna blow your socks off!


Ice Resin - Ice Enamels


My pall Jen Cushman and Susan Lenart Kazmer have figured out how to give jewelry makers and enameled look without needing a kiln or torch.

All you need is a heat gun and the Iced Enamel Powders to get the look of enameled metal.


Ice Resin - Ice Enamels -CHA Winter 2013


I adore enameled metal and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this and share a tutorial or two.


CHA Winter 2013 ICE Resin Susan Lenart Kazmer


ICE Resin is also launching a line of beautiful bezels designed by Kristen Robinson.


CHA Winter 2013 ICE Resin - Kristen Robinson


I can totally see these fitting in with my “Bohemian Chic” sort of aesthetic even though the are Rue Romantique.


New ICE Resin Products at CHA Winter 2013



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