Recovering a Chair with Lumiere and a Carved Stamp

Lumiere, Jacquard, recovering a chair


I mentioned in my blog post Changing Things Up- A Front Porch Makeover that I planned to recover an old chair. While I don’t have step-by-step instructions to share I do have the finished piece to show.

A sort of “show and tell”.

I think there is still something missing but the bulk of it is finished. I’m sure that if I look at it a week or so I’ll suddenly know what is missing and fix it but for now…

Here is the red velvet fabric, the stamp I carved and Lumeire paint I used.


Recovering a Chair with Lumiere


I tried to put amber colored, glittery rhinestones on the tulle skirt but they wouldn’t stick. I think it needs some **SpArKle**!

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