Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces


I’ve been thinking off and on lately about sacred spaces.

Some tend to be spontaneous and only last a short time – while others are tended and cared for and can last for generations.

I remember living in Germany and seeing, on occasion, a shrine along a road or at a cross roads.

Far too often the spontaneous sacred spots we see here in America are roadside memorials dedicated to those who suddenly lost their lives in a car crash.

I believe there are a couple of scenes in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun too where a gentleman leaves flowers at a shrine.

Anyway, there is no conclusion or “A-HA” moment coming from this… just things I’m thinking about off and on.

Things I’m thinking about that lead me to create something.


Sacred Spaces


I had this very large wooden birdcage that I got on SERIOUS clearance a while back (It was originaly around $100 but I got it for less than $10) and a Buddha statue I picked up somewhere.

I put Buddha inside the birdcage and the combo sat around for quite a while. And then I started thinking about sacred spaces, holy spots, memorials, shrines and the like and decided to create my own shrine. Not because I’m a practicing Buddhist – I’m not a practicing ANYTHING really – but I do think that Buddhism is a beautiful school of thought.


Sacred Spaces


I also had on hand a pair of great wooden elephants I found at a thirft store (Read about my Thrifting Thursday Haul) along with an ornately engraved chalice/cup sort of thing and those great Chinese papers are from my friend Jenny of, sea shells, silk flowers, a string of outdoor lights with the lights inside of flowers and all sorts of other goodies.


Sacred Spaces


So I combined them all to make a little shrine in my living room. It’s all sitting on my grandmothers trunk (you can read my Thrifting Thursday – Family History post) with an amazing tablecloth I had also picked up at a thrift store.


Sacred Spaces


There are lots of little fun things included in this vignette and all of them are either gifts, thrifted or purchased on clearance.



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    I love this idea! And I happen to have a birdcage that I bought off of craigslist, years ago, just waiting to be adorned!
    What a neat idea, thanks for the inspiration!

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      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who buys things KNOWING I have a use for it only to not have that use become known to me for a long time. (Just a nice way of saying I buy stuff I like knowing I’ll do something with it!) I hope you’ll share photos when you create your birdcage project.


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