Floral Design: Spring Nest Arrangement

Here I am going back to my floral designer roots. I needed to come up with a Spring floral design sample but I didn’t really have any spring looking vases or other containers… so I made something up. I like the way this turned out… to me it practically shouts SPRING!


Two 12″ grapevine wreaths

8×2″ foam disc

Spanish Moss

4″ nest on a twig

6″ wire picks or wooden skewers

florals of your choice

small plastic eggs

mushroom bird

hot glue pot

glue pellets

fern pins

wire cutters



Stack the two grapevine wreaths together and put the foam disc down in the center.  You may have to force it to fit into the space because of the irregularities of the grapevine wreaths.  Also, I left the plastic packaging on the foam to make it a teensie bit less messy.


I cut the tops off the 6″ picks to cut the wire off.  Push several of the picks through spaces in the grapevine wreath and into the foam.  Dipping the end of the pick into melted hot glue before pushing into the grapevine and foam helps the whole piece stick together better and longer. I learned that if you push the pick into the place where you want to put it and THEN pull it out, dip it in hot glue and put it back in that things seem to work out better.  It’s a pain to dip it in hot glue and then try to put it in place only to find that it doesn’t fit where you wanted to put it!


Cover the top of the arrangement with Spanish Moss and hold it in place with a few fern pins. Not too much moss, just enough to cover the green and make it look a little nest like.  My photo below was taken before I anchored everything down.


Tuck some of the moss in between the wreaths and into a few of the cracks.  Hold it down with fern pins. You can pull a piece or two of the moss over to cover the fern pin. If you push them in pretty deep though they don’t really show.


In my arrangement I have some tulips, forsythia, dogwood and what looks like crabapple blossoms.  I put them all to the back of the arrangement and just left of center. You’ll have to cut them down to size with good, strong wire cutters. Dipping the cut end of the stems into hot glue will keep them in the foam longer.


Add the birds’ nest in front of the flowers (work the twig end in between some of the flowers so it doesn’t look like it’s just PLUNKED down in front of the flowers) and hold it down with a couple of fern pins.  Hot glue a few of the eggs into the nest and glue the bird onto the edge of the nest.

If you are worried about the Spanish Moss getting on your furniture you can glue a piece of felt or craft foam over the bottom of the arrangement. Simply cut a circle the size of the bottom wreath (a little smaller so it doesn’t show once it’s on the table) and glue it on before you glue all of the Spanish Moss and flowers in.

I think this would be a great arrangement to take to my Mother In Law at the Nursing home.  A little bit of happiness for her room!

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