Strawberries and Tea Cup Wreath for Mother’s Day


I LOVE this wreath! It’s something just a little bit different and it’s definately not the kind of wreath you’d put between the front door and the screen. But I love it all the same. It has several of my favorite things in it… and coincidentally, several of my mother’s favorite things as well!

The trick is getting those plates to stick to the wreath. But don’t you worry, I’ll share my secret. :)


First, gather supplies:

3 tea cups and 3 saucers (mine are from Darice but you can certainly use thrifted china)

Grapevine wreath form,

Roses, geranium or other flower that coordinates with your teacups

Various greens

Daisies or other flower(s)


Foam Strawberry Picks

Hot Glue

Duck tape

Heavy gauge wire

Knipex Wire Cutters (see a review I wrote at Craft Test Dummies)

Ribbon of choice (optional)

First things first. Here is how I got the plates onto the wreath. (I’m sharing this secret first because it takes a while to dry) I took the heavy gauge wire and made a large square bottomed “U” and glued that to the bottom of the plate with E-6000. I used the paint bottle to hold the wire in place until the glue dried.


Once the glue was dry I put 2-3 pieces of Duck Tape over the glue and wire. Just for added strength.


The tea cups got a double dose of wire. A thin gauge wire around the bottom and the heavier gauge around the handle.

Now it’s time to assemble!


I added 3-4 different kinds of greens to the wreath form by cutting them apart with my Knipex cutters and gluing them in place with hot glue. (A pot of hot glue works best for floral design. The glue guns only lead to burns and frustration.)

Then I wired the tea cups and saucers on.


Finally, I glued in the daisies, roses and strawberries. (I decided that the ribbon didn’t work after all)

Did you know that roses and daisies are my favorite flower combination? Did you also know that strawberries are my favorite food on the whole planet? Now you know. Weather you wanted to or not! :)

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