12 Clay Pot Crafts

12 Clay Pot Crafts

  It’s about time for clay pots to go on sale. Lots of stores don’t want to hang on to them until planting season comes around again so they reduce them to move them out. Clay pots are a SUPER substrate for all sorts of craft projects. Not only that, even when they aren’t on […]

The Embroidery Floss Story

The Embroidery Floss Story

  I was working on a project yesterday and dumped out a big bag of embroidery floss from my stash. Warren came into the room and just started chuckling. You see, there is a story about that bag of floss. Back when we first became a blended family, I think it was the first Christmas we […]

Christmas Gift Card Tin and Ornament

Christmas Gift Card Tin and Ornament

  For the first time in a couple of years I’m crafting a little early for Christmas. And not just because  this Christmas gift card and tin ornament project is part of the latest Cousin Creative Circle assignment but because I’m actually excited about it. Perhaps the TRAUMA of working retail for 8 years is […]

Photo Sunday – Reader Photos

Photo Sunday - Reader Photos

  I love it when readers get inspired to create because of something they saw here. I posted reader photos few weeks ago of two super cute houses Darlene created inspired by my Forever Gingerbread House. Do you see the tiny Santa and reindeer on the roof?     You can see Darlene’s other houses […]

Thumbprint Cookies

Recipes: Thumb Print Cookies

  I remember my mom making thumb print cookies when I was wee little. I never understood why she called them “thumbprints” when she used the head of a round peg type clothes pin to make the well for the jam. Home made jam from the pantry make these cookies extra special.   Thumbprint Cookies […]

Pecan Tarts

Christmas Cookies: Tarts

  Another reason for posting recipes of my most often made cookies this week is that I often get asked by visitors for recipes of food they eat here. My middle son’s girlfriend remembered having these tarts when she was little. She said she always loved them but hadn’t had them for years and she […]

Snowball Cookies

Snowball Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Russian Tea Cakes

  I have decided to take a little bit of a rest this week but instead of not posting, or posting a photo only (as I was originally thinking of doing), I’ve decided to post some of my favorite cookie recipes. I realize that many of you have already done your holiday baking but if […]