Thrift Store Haul

Thrift Store Haul

  I made myself a promise late last year. The promise was that I wouldn’t visit the thrift store every week and that I would only bring home things I could use right away. No more bringing things home to use some day. Because, you know, I find something really good nearly every time I […]

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Thrift Shop Lamp Makeover

  You know I’m super excited to have my new studio space but I have to say that there is one down side to having a basement studio and that is lack of light. I can’t get enough light! So I’m adding ceiling lights, task lighting and ambient lighting. Lights, give me more lights! Sometimes I […]

Reindeer Trinket Dish

Reindeer Trinket Dish

    I saw an adorable giraffe trinket dish a while ago on Anthropology and I knew right away that I had to make something like it for myself. Not JUST like it though.     I had this little dish I had picked up at the thrift store some time ago and when I […]

Thrifting Thursday – Jewelry Box

Thrifting Thursday

  I found this jewelry box not too long ago and brought it home. I knew there was SOMETHING I needed to do with it but I wasn’t really sure WHAT that thing was. But I trusted my instincts and drug it home for something like $1.50. This morning when I was in the shower […]

Upcycled Bowling Ball

What do you do with a few bowlings ball from the thrift store?  If you are me you give it some crafty love and see what you can make of them. First sand with a bit of sand paper and then spray with Bright Silver spray paint.  It will take a few coats. And then hit it with […]