Tea Cup Pin Cushion

How to Make a Tea Cup Pin Cushion


I found some fancy tea cups at a craft store recently, there were all kinds of different prints, and I’m sure a tea cup from the thrift store would be even better but I doubt I could ruin a pretty vintage cup.  UNLESS it was badly chipped.  In that case, all bets are off!


How to Make a Tea Cup Pin Cushion


I filled the cup to over flowing with batting and cut a large circle of fabric. Then I covered the top of the cup and tucked the fabric down in the tea cup. I used a pair of closed scissors to tuck the fabric deep into the bottom of the cup.  Then, I used my hot glue gun, and while holding the filling back from the rim of the cup I filled the space with hot glue and then let the filling go back in place.You could also glue the cup to the saucer and use the saucer to hold thimbles, thread and small scissors.

This could be further decorated with charms to hang off the handle or some of the pins, using crazy decorative pins or even beads. Oh, and if you want a more vintage look on a newer cup you could grunge it up with alcohol inks… Of course you could always use the tea cup for tea but who uses things for their intended purpose? Not me! :)



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