Thrifting Thursday – Table Linens

Thrifting Thursday - Table Linens


I haven’t been thrifting much lately. Mostly because I already have too many good things lying around here waiting for me to do something with but earlier in the week I had to run an errand that took me right by one of my favorite thrift stores.

I skipped right by the clothing sections where I often find some great fabric because it’s Back to School Season and those areas were PACKED! In stead I went directly to the home goods section and found these two great tablecloths.

The one on the top right was $2 and it’s a large, round, cotton tablecloth that I think I will dye black for Halloween. It’ll be a very fancy spiderweb, I think. OR it might look cool on a small round accent table with a burlap tablecloth and this over the top. Decisions, decidions.

The really white tablecloth is very stiff and starched. Lovely piece. I’m thinking of dying it an unusual color. Turquoise blue? Again, maybe it would look nice black?

I’ll keep you posted about what I decide. :)

Have you been to the Thrift Store lately? Find anything good?




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