Thursday’s Thrifting Finds

Want to teach your children responsibility and how to care for themselves?  Give them chores, such as doing the dinner dishes.  Want to have a large portion of your drinking glasses broken?  Give them chores, such as doing the dinner dishes! :)


This cupboard was FULL of drinking glasses at one time.  Notice the empty space?


While I was at the thrift store Thursday I noticed 3 drinking glasses just like the ones I had (Top right in this photo) so I put them in my basket.  THEN I got to thinking that I’d like the glasses in MY cupboard to be all different.  So I decided to pick up other glasses that don’t match what I have.  I like the idea of having glasses all shapes and sizes.  As long as they are clear glass I’m going to add them!


Then I also hit the linens jackpot.  I found an off white lace table cloth, a hand embroidered dresser scarf and a large (looks like linen) table cloth that is white with a light blue stitching in it.  I think I’m going to over dye the white and light blue cloth with a teal blue dye.  Just to see what it’ll look like.  I’ll let you know!

I also found four small glasses for my friend Allan.  He collects glassware with silver rims.  I think he’s worth $1.80! :)  What do you look for when you go thrifting?

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2 Responses to “Thursday’s Thrifting Finds”

  1. January 25, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    Thursday Thrifting has become my date with myself. It’s amazing the wonderful things you can find and it really gets the creative juices flowing. I think this is a good time of year too. People are donating things they got for Christmas but can’t use and also are cleaning out their closets. SCORE!! :)

  2. January 24, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    This must be glassware weekend! I found 4 never-used hand blown drinking glasses for a buck, and a set of 6 new-in-box Crate & Barrel Christmas glasses for another dollar. Woo hoo! Love that linen tablecloth too.

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