Time to Play and Shop – Sugarcreek, Ohio

I’ve actually had the whole weekend off!  I can’t believe it’s almost over though.  Bummer!  I originally planned to take the weekend off and Warren and I were going to go down to Columbus to the “Country Living Fair” but with the nasty weather we decided to stay closer to home.  I was really disappointed about missing the fair but traipsing around in a bunch of muddy fields with temps in the high 80’s and humidity at about 84% was NOT my idea of fun.  So we went to Amish Country instead.  We weren’t much cooler but at least our heads and our feet were dry.

I usually consider the crafts that I find down there to be “granny crafts”.  You know, all lacy and ruffly with lots of pink fabric.  What I do like though is to see how people put combinations of colors and textures together and in my line of work it’s always good to have an idea of what other people are doing.  Here is typically the kind of thing you’d expect to find.

Amish Quilt

There are lots of cute towns, buggies, great food and friendly people.

Time to Play and Shop - Sugarcreek, Ohio

I was in for such a suprise though when I found a new shop.  I don’t know why I have never seen it before but …


The Secret Garden - Sugarcreek, Ohio


At first I saw the quilts hanging and thought it was one of about 8 quilt shops in Sugarcreek, OH but here is a picture of what greets you when walking in the door.

The Secret Garden - Sugarcreek, Ohio


The whole shop was LOADED with some really incredible stuff!  I was in Creative Goddess Heaven.  I’m out of time for tonight but if you’re really good and eat all your vegetables I’ll tell you more about this place tomorrow.  :)

The Secret Garden - Sugarcreek, Ohio

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