Tools of the Trade – Beadalon Bead Reamer

Jewelry Making Tools: Beadalon Bead Reamer


I’ve been making a lot of jewelry lately and the design I had in mind for the beads above just wouldn’t work without making the holes in the lava beads a little bigger.


Jewelry Making Tools: Beadalon Bead Reamer


I’ve tried a few bead reamers but this is my favorite so far. Just insert the reamer into the bead, hold the bead firm and push the button. Easy Peasy.

The Beadalon website has a tips page and they say to immerse the bead in water to keep it cool but I’ve never had to do that. I would, however, say that when drilling beads made of lava, stone or shell you may want to wear a mask over your mouth and nose just so you aren’t inhaling dangerous particles. Particularly if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.

Do you use a bead reamer? If you do, do you have a favorite?


  1. Nim says

    Cool! I’m trying to drill initial holes into rocks to string them. Any tool tips for that effort? Tiny drill bitt+drill was a no-go.

    • says

      The bead reamer will help to make a small divot in order to get a small drill bit started. Check YouTube for some video tutorials for drilling through rocks. I’m not sure HOW that would be done.


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